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The main subject is making graphics using shaders and the use of effects in Xna. On the internet you will find many sites that help you doing graphics in OpenGL or DirextX. At the moment here we use exclusively DirectX. The main reason for this page is to give an overview of the way to start using graphics with fx shaders using HLSL. A number of links to interseting sites are included in this page. A Crash course in HLSL can be found on catalinzima . The course is on HLSL and on the use of shaders in Xna.

Of course Xna is a story in itself. A good introductory site can be found on Toymaker.

I have made a testfile for vector and matrix manipulation and using a camera in Xna. The way this is done is similar to the way it is done in OpenGL, however there are many differences, so check if you can explain the outcomes in the testfile

Using HLSL with Fx Composer

Fx Composer is a free software program of NVdia. It lets you edit HLSL-files and view the effect on objects. More on this ...


Using effect files in Xna Riemers tutorials

Using effects in Xna Creators club, education, shaders

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