programs in folder learnOpenGL2_p4B

version 'D3Q: 0.50'; author: 'Drikus Kleefsman'; date: may 2020.

This project has the translation of a number of C++ programs found in Part 4 (chapters 22 - 32) of the offline book that can be down loaded from

Chapter 24


We have been using the definitions of cube and quad in file /geometry/vertexObjects. We changed some of the vector-values, because the default values for cube and quad are different from the ones used in the original program.

The windows had to be sorted on distance from the viewer. Because javascript does not have a sorted map (of course there are libs that have it) we used the sort-method of arrays.

date: 22 sept 2020. version: 1.00.
code found at:
©Drikus Kleefsman